All About The Flowers: Your guide to everything floral printed!

So let's talk about the floral trend that has been all the rage this summer! You know what I am talking about, the dresses, bags, shoes, hats and every other accessory you can think of that is completed covered in floral patterns and endless colors! I am not sure where the floral patterns started but I am loving this trend and scooping up as many pieces as I can for my summer and fall wardrobe!


By far my favorite trend is the floral print dresses! I have several of these babies in my closet and they are all so comfortable and I can dress them up and down and sideways and omg they have pockets! You had me at pockets!

Boho Chic Halter Top Floral Print Dress Long Sleeve Short Floral Print Dress

I have ordered a bunch of these lovely floral printed dresses in all kinds of iterations the last several weeks and several have found a home in my wardrobe.  I have them in short skirts, long sleeves, racer backs, halter tops and maxi skirt lengths. I have found scoop necks and plunging Vs and wrap dress configurations oh my!

Long Sleeve Maxi Floral Print DressOff the shoulder floral print dress

Tops and Bottoms

The floral bonanza doesn't stop at the dresses but continues on and on into the tops and bottoms category too! From skirts and leggings and pants and shorts to tank tops and blouses and casual shirts, the selection is endless!


Tops with floral prints are effortlessly beautiful and suitable for just about any occasion that I can think of! I especially love the tops with the floral print as the accompanying print making it very easy to dress down for a casual outfit. 

The floral skirts are also just the best! Long and short and all kinds of styles to pair with sandals and boots and jean jackets or a sweater. These bottoms are also SUPER easy to dress up or down depending on the clothing pieces that they are paired with. The combinations are almost endless!

Bathing Suits

Bathing suits, I have to say, are a perfect placement for the floral patterns! The weather warms up, the bathing suits make their return from seasonal retirement and the blossoms start to bloom.

Floral Print Bikini 

Nothing makes me happier than the warm weather flowers and the fact that I can show them off pool side, heck yes! I am a big fan of the two piece ensembles but the one pieces are also quite attractive with interesting cuts and details like tassels, cords and fringe.

Children's Clothes

The floral print baby clothes are just too cute! From mini dresses to mini blouses to mini hair clips, your little one can be the apple of your eye with a coordinating color and print! I can only imagine the level of adorable these outfits can evoke when properly paired with mom or big sister's floral attire and can you imagine how cute these would look for family photos?!?!?!

Children's Maxi Floral Print Dress Infant Floral Print Top with Yellow Shorts Set

Or even take your child to work day? It might be a little much for the older generation, but I can just envision a 7-year-old matching her mom on their yearly day at the office and opening her eyes to being a successful career-woman in addition to her princess and movie star dreams.

Floral and Fringe Onesie with Hair Band

Hair Accessories

So if you are less than excited about adorning your ENTIRE body and every accessory you own with floral prints, perhaps the hair accessory category is just the right amount of floral for your life?

I also love this category for the less obviously feminine lasses and ladies. I especially love the darker and more subtle colors that are still very feminine and beautiful but are seemingly the opposite of the bright pinks that are normally associated with the feminine mystique. There are head bands, bows, head scarves, oh my!


Nothing says "SUMMER!" like a good romper! These light, airy and beautiful creations are every girl's dream during the hot summer months and beach vacations. Rompers are literally one piece of clothing but succeed in looking chic, fun and comfortable all at the same time. 


Once I find a good romper, I usually buy two or three of the same style in different colors just so I have spare in case the original gets lost or permanently borrowed. While rompers come in all shapes, sizes and styles, the floral ones are some of the more consistently attractive versions and can be found in just as many colors and styles.  


One of the places I didn't really expect to see the floral trend taking root is in the ladies baseball hat section. I am a jogger so I have a collection of baseball hats in my running gear collection but nothing compares to the floral, lace and sometimes jeweled magnificence that is the Floral Baseball Hat trend.


I really like the idea of the fancy/ floral baseball hat trend because it lets me feel pretty with very little effort. Before I got my first floral baseball hat, I would lower my head in shame on the days I was too lazy to wash my greasy hair but needed to hit the grocery store with a plain baseball hat pulled over my unkempt hair. No more! With one of these babies it is easy to disguise you true motives for wearing a baseball cap by matching it with your casual ensemble.


Who doesn’t love a good hand bag? And who among the floral trend fandom is opposed to adding to our handbag, backpack or clutch collection with some floral prints? My favorites are the book bags with floral prints on them. They are so Boho chic and if I were still in high school or college, I would have at least one of these in my collection, no doubt.


The array of different florals on clutches is also very nice with colors, raised flowers and different flower prints. I especially like the flower clutch that is just one big flower. The 3D petals make for an interesting texture and movement and are just darn fun!



I think the floral trend took root in the shoe space first and I am so glad it did! I seem to remember several years ago the first trace of a comfy canvas sneaker with a pretty floral pattern and I was intrigued because, dangit, I love me some canvas flats with a pretty floral pattern! Finally, I can stop feeling like less of a woman because I refuse to wear heels (weak ankles) and pallet flats (the just fall off, super annoying)! Finally there is a space made for the ladies like me who want to show off being a feminine while also being comfortable walking the dog or cruising on their skate board. (I am sure women have been doing this all along but I just haven’t noticed because I have been shamelessly wearing my Asics jogging shoes for everything and sometimes including jogging.) The floral trend has really made it easy for the comfort conscious individual like myself to step up their game with ease!


If there is one place the floral trend hit almost as hard as the shoes, it is in the leggings fashion space. Don't get me wrong, the fashion (and sometimes not so fashionable world) has put everything from geometric designs featuring pizzas to pugs with wings on leggings and I think I may have purchased a pair of every single one of them. I. Love. Leggings. I want to wear stretchy leggings to everything and all of the time. Other than wearing no pants at all, stretchy leggings are where I want to be. The only problem is, most of my leggings I own, I can't wear to work and the ones I can wear and boring. NO MORE! The floral leggings pair beautifully with a more simple or monochromatic top and you have just added a whole new dimension to your work wardrobe without the risk of being sent home to change. #You'reWelcome


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