6 Necklace Styles Every Woman Should Have In Their Jewelry Box

I have always been a fan of necklaces but it wasn't until the last couple of years or so that I started to harness the power of the necklace accessory. From the dainty collared necklaces, to the long baubles and the chunky statement pieces, I am endlessly amazed by the different looks, colors and effects a well-placed necklace can have on an outfit.

Black Jewel Statement Collar Necklace

For example, my favorite tunic shirt that I got on sale for $19 at TJ Maxx suddenly looks classy enough to wear to work with a silver collar necklace. I can dress up a simple dress with a long strand of faux jewels for the next wedding I have on my schedule and I feel dressed up and sexier in my tank top, shorts and flip flops with the dainty double chained gold necklace featuring doves flying around my neck.

Gold Flamingo Necklace

Whatever the occasion or base outfit, there is a necklace out there that can take your fashion game to the next level. Some of these items are featured in my store and other hosted on sites like Amazon but I have brought together my favorite neck accessories in one place that I will be referencing all year long.

1) Statement Necklace

The statement necklace is one of my all-time favorite necklaces that I have worn so many times and always get so many compliments on all of them in my collection that it is hard for me to wear anything else in my jewelry box. 

I usually wear this type of necklace with clothing items featuring a higher neckline to really show off the design and metallic finish of this necklace. It classes up any outfit I am wearing while adding depth and detail to the ensemble without much effort.

Gray Chunky Statement Necklace   Pearl And Silver Statement Collar Necklace

2) Shirt Collar Necklace

I used to be on the fence about the shirt collar necklaces. The first time I saw one, my immediate reaction was, "When am I going to wear that?" Well, I am here to tell my past self that there are endless ways to wear this neck piece!

Classic Black Shirt Collar Neck;ace

If you have an item of clothing that you wish had a collar, wish no more! You can have your favorite blouse and a collar too! And not just any collar, you can have several and in different colors and styles! You can do the classic pearl, the shiny black or even add a little color to the neckline. This is a versatile style that I have grown to love and it can even be paired with a t-shirt if you so dare!

    White Flowers and Lace Collar Necklace    Black Beaded Shirt Collar Necklace

3) Double Necklace

The double necklace is one of my favorite necklaces for summer! These necklaces are usually so dainty and stylish that they dress up any casual look just enough for onlookers to say "Nice!" instead of "Lazy!" when they see you strutting your stuff in flip flops and tank top.

Double Dove Pendant Necklace  Double Pendant Necklace

I also love the variety and versatility of these necklaces. I love to wear these necklaces with more casual outfits but the right version of the double necklace can fit just as well with a more formal look as well. For instance, the double dove necklace is incredibly versatile and could suit the dressed down or up look with ease.

4) Animal Necklaces

Animal necklaces are just the best. I love the whimsical and fun style that a fox, dove or paw print necklace can add to any outfit, day, night, work or brunch.

Dachshund Love Necklace Heart Paw Necklace

I love showing off my love for animals and it is definitely a conversation starter, at times with complete strangers who ask, "Where did you get that cute necklace?" I usually respond, "My boutique!" and dive into a story about my pet dogs and suddenly I have a new friend and a puppy play date scheduled for Saturday.

Origami Animal Necklace


5) Intentional Necklaces

I have recently become a fan of the intentional necklaces that Duffy Stuff Boutique recently started offering. I really like these necklaces because they can remind me to be thoughtful in my words and actions when I wear them. If I am having a bad morning, day, week or month, it can be so easy to fall into a routine of grouchiness, but the intentional necklace makes it easier to pull myself out.

Spiritual Wisdom Necklace

I like to incorporate my intentional necklaces into my wardrobe remind myself that life is worth living and that bad moods and hardships can be overcome, usually with just a bit of consistent intention. I also love giving intentional necklaces to loved ones including friends and family. There are several that are suitable as gifts for special occasions or just to tell someone special that you are thinking about them.

6) Long Necklace

Who doesn't love a long necklace to go with your classic white button down or the monochromatic but stylish blouses in your wardrobe? Add a long necklace to a classic and timeless outfit and it is reborn as a unique style that is all your own.

Long Feather Necklace    Long Layer Necklace

I have several simple long necklaces but also a few that are sparkly and stand out for the days that I am feeling a little more saucy. I also have some longer necklaces that can be doubled up for a more layered look to draw the eye up and add depth to the accessorizing. 

 Geometric Pendant Necklace 4 Layer Long Necklace

No matter what your style, the best part about faux necklaces is their price! Usually an expensive necklace for me can run in the $50 range but often I am paying less than $30 and sometimes way less! If I am lucky and with the right sale + coupon combo, I can usually snag a nice piece for $10-$20. And you don't need that many types of each necklace either. I recommend waiting for the right sales and pieces to come your way. It is better to hold out for the nicer necklaces that can go with more outfits than to buy the pieces that you will wear once before it tarnishes or breaks.



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