Why I Didn't Cry On My Wedding Day

Weddings are stressful. Weddings often drive brides and grooms to insanity. Weddings often make people cry. 

My wedding was the usual stress and drama filled event that most weddings are but I can honestly say that I did not shed one single tear of joy or bitter sweet happiness on my wedding day. Don't get me wrong, planning was very stressful and the family drama nearly led us to elope at least a half dozen times and I can tell you that right before I walked down the aisle I was a hot mess, but no tears. 

Now, some of you are probably thinking that I must be a stone cold biatch or an emotionless robot because how can I not cry on my wedding day, right? Well, I almost did but I have my father to thank for the missing ugly cry face and smeared mascara pictures of me walking down the aisle. 

The wedding day progressed as a wedding day usually progresses. Hair, makeup and mimosas in the morning and then pre-ceremony pics at the church in the early afternoon. My now-husband and I were each sequestered in a different room before the ceremony and I was mostly just bored. All of the bridesmaids were supportive but the room was small and there were cute flower girls and ring bearers to take pictures of so they were no help. The last ten minutes before the ceremony felt like an eternity. 

Finally, the din filtering into my room of guests arriving and finding their seats started to die down and our priest came in to say hi and give me a pre-wedding pep talk. And as soon as he left, I started to freak out. I broke out in a cold sweat and started to worry about my air brush makeup sweating off. And then my dad showed up who is not one to understand irrational pre-ceremony bride jitters and panic and was completely unsympathetic to my nerves. 

So my dad is shuffling me along to get in line at the end of the procession and I start to do the calming breathing. In through the nose and out through the mouth. He asks, What's wrong? I'm like, Dad, I'm freaking out! He is befuddled. And as he always does when presented with a topic that he doesn't understand nor have any interest in understanding, he changes the subject. 

My dad: "Did you notice that you mom and mother-in-law are wearing the same dress?"

The the last of the wedding party starts down the aisle, the church doors are closed and the coordinators wave us over to take our position. 

Me: "What?" 

My dad: "Yeah, same dress. Your mom is in purple and the other one is gray." 

Me smiling and starting to laugh. "What? Really?" 

My dad: "Yep!"

And the church doors open and there is are 150 of our friends and family as well as the man of my dreams staring at me with a big goofy grin on my face (I can't wait to see the pics!) and all I can think is, "How the heck did they end up picking the same dress? Of all the dresses in the world..."

And because of my dad changing the subject and probably intentionally trying to take my mind off of my wedding day nerves because he is more clever than I give him credit for, there were no tears on my wedding day. Instead of being emotional and crying my eyes out because I am so in love with the man of my dreams and holy crap there are so many people staring at me, I was secretly giggling at the absurdity of my mom and mother-in-law wearing the SAME damn dress to my wedding. And every time I got a little emotional or overwhelmed (or bored during the long Catholic mass), my mind would go back to the same damn dress on both my mom and mother-in-law and I would smile, try not to giggle audibly and look up at my soon-to-be husband and his returning smile would remind me how much I love him and how awesome and fun our life is going to be. 

I give both my mom and mother-in-law a ton of credit because they both had pretty good attitudes about the whole thing. There was a lot of pre-wedding inter-family drama and they weren't on the best terms and didn't exchange that much dress information. Apparently, the only thing that they said to each other is, my mom, "Mine is purple." and my mother-in-law, "Mine is gray." and they thought that was enough. 

And no, I have no pictures of them standing with each other. They were good sports about the whole thing but I didn't want to poke the proverbial bear....



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