Claudia's Tiara

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Claudia's Tiara
Claudia's Tiara
Claudia's Tiara
Claudia's Tiara
Claudia's Tiara
Claudia's Tiara
Claudia's tiara is funky but fresh with a very unique style. Geometric line and breaks add depth and interest with the classic silver color and clear sparkly faux diamonds throughout. A single larger tear drop shaped clear crystal tops this beautiful tiara.

Claudia's Tiara would be perfect for:
- A fashionista with a non traditional sense of style
- A bride that wants a unique look without compromising on sparkle
- A costume seeker that needs a finishing touch to their 80s princess attire

Total Length End to End: 14.5 Inches
Total Length of Embellishment: 11.5 Inches
Max Height at Center: 1.6 Inches
Width Loop to Loop for Head: 5.5 Inches

Tiara is adjustable by carefully bending and stretching the ends apart to fit most hair styles and head sizes.

Tiara features loops on each end to secure to hair with bobby pins.

Item ships from Michigan, USA.

This item is not intended for use by children under the age of 5 years old.

There are small pieces that could fall off and create a choking hazard.

All use of this product by any minor, child or dependent should be supervised by an adult 18 years of age or older.

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