Show Exclusive Products

Auburn & Main exhibits at multiple shows throughout the year, typically once a month in the Michigan and Metro Detroit area. Please see our Event Schedule for complete details!

While we have an amazing selection of tiaras and hair accessories available online, our in person shows allow us to offer a wide range of sparkly accessories, cosplay attire, gaming accoutrements and other fun items! 

Some examples of the range and selection of items we bring specifically to our in person events are below!

Is there an item missing from our list that you would love to shop for at one of our in person shows? Drop us a comment or send us an email at 


Dice and Dice Accessories

Did you know that dice come in all different sizes, shapes, colors and materials? We were shocked to discover the plethora of design options when it comes to the integral tool most of the gaming community could not function without. From heavy to shiny to unique and fun, our selection of dice is constantly changing and always updating. 


Cosplay Attire

Every good cosplay has to start somewhere. Did you fall in love with a vintage duster at a trip to Salvation Army? Or perhaps it was a peasant skirt you found in your mother's closet. Or perhaps it was a frilly fan that you found at Claire's as a child that sparked your imagination and craving for style and magical outfits. Whether you are a mermaid or pirate, pixie or wizard, we have a clothing rack for you to explore!


Sparkly Accessories 

Auburn & Main is kind of known for our tiaras, crowns and hair accessories but we don't stop there when it comes to the sparkles. Brooches, necklaces, head bands and belts, we have it all. If it sparkles and has a dragon on it, we probably have one for you to try on and add to your outfit of the day!


Water & Hand Fans 

The vast majority of the shows we exhibit at are in the summer and are outdoors. While the festival organizers do their very best to keep up with demand and ensure that they provide a safe and fun environment for everyone, we know that the lines can be long and the temperatures can be unpredictable. At every show, Auburn & Main has water and hand fans available for purchase because we don't think you should have to stand in a 60 min+ food line or dip into your child's college fund for a bottle of water.